Homebrew! Virgin Voyage Red

April 21, 2010 | Filed in:

Virgin Voyage Red

Virgin Voyage Red from Red Dirt Brewing, 2009 Irish Red Ale

This is my first homebrew beer and the first for Red Dirt Brewing.    It is an Irish Red Ale.  For years I’ve wanted to brew my own beer and make up labels, and finally one Sunday last winter I just did it.  I ran down to our local (and only!) Brooklyn Homebrew store (www.brooklyn-homebrew.com) and they set me up with anything I didn’t already have and a great recipe.  Special thanks to my friend Derek Steel who helped me bottle and Dani Karr for her amazing graphic design help with the labels.  I did the painting and told Dani what I wanted and in a 20 minutes she sent me over an awesome label.  R.D.B. is named for the rich red dirt at my folks place in Wyoming– where the well water is pure and clear, the hops grow in the cold, and the beer tastes better.

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