Arts and Crafts End Table

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This table was a commission for a Christmas present this past December.  Cherry,  21 3/4″ ht x 16″ diameter top.


Scottish Highlander Bovine Buffet

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This buffet was made for a couple in Brooklyn, NY. I get many designs features from the natural world and animals. I usually name my furniture pieces after the animals that inspired them. Recently I’ve been into Scottish Highland cows, as evident of the design of this piece: the legs of the buffet have hoof-like […]


Custom Business Sign

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A client in Jackson Hole commissioned me to make a business sign for his office. He requested a Western aesthetic, but with a modern touch. He also wanted some aspect to reflect the history and sense of place of the area. I chose a font that was used on the old National Park Service posters […]


Atilla’s Trusty Steed

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Atilla’s trusty Steed; 4′ x 2′ x 34″; 2010. This “workhorse” butcher block was made for a client in San Fransico. The butcherblock top is maple. The rest of the table is made from reclaimed pine and fir. The drawer handle and towel bar on the end are made from copper pipes. An enclosed knife […]


Snowglobe: Fenced In

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My friend commissioned this piece as a wedding gift for her friends. I am told it sparked hours of conversation among the family. I’m pleased to hear it.


“Fall Creek”

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This is a custom piece a customer ordered as a gift for her father– it is an imaged scene based on a place in Wyoming he has a strong attachment to- the view of Fall Creek running through Wilson, Wyoming with Nora’s Fish Creek Inn nearby.  9″ x 12″, ink and watercolor on rice paper, […]