Self Employed in the Mountains

Self Employed in the Mountains; 8″ x 12″; watercolor; 2007; © Meg Thompson.

I made this piece for my friend Susan. She and I happened to both be self employed and single (thus free a lot) during one of the best snow years in recent memory in Bend, OR. The lass in the middle is our friend Kari, who despite having a weekday job and being a snowboarder (we must accept our loved ones as they are), joined us often, to our benefit.

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  1. 2011/06/05 5:21 pm Linda Taylor said:

    I love this!…and several others. How are they mounted, (framed)? do you have any bigger ones? Or…are you focusing just on your furniture for now? I have a customer that wants one of my tall display stools but if I sell it to her I need another. This might be a good project for you since I have limited space in the gallery. I could probably replace another table with one of yours too. You’ll have to come by again and we can check out the possibilities. It was fun to meet you both Saturday and I look forward to visiting again. Linda Taylor, Phoenix Gallery, Centennial

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